the answers are here


The mouse pad Ouija channels another message below. I’m just a humble conduit.

Dear mortals: If you ignore this communication, you’ll fall through a philosophical trap door into a universe of howling chaos and despair. Just thought you’d want to know. Here is my Word for January 12, 2004:

The knowledge that you seek in this life is waiting for you on the internet, if you only you know where to look. I am pointing you toward the truth. I offer you golden links to a bright future. Regarding life and religion, “Bob” Dobbs is right on pretty much everything, and you, my friend, are wrong. You will pay to find out what you really think. Gail Seymour is also correct. You can remove and deactivate the implants. Regarding Christianity, these people are totally on the mark about Jesus driving a monster truck. If you were to follow even 2% of the advice offered on these sites, your life would improve a thousandfold. Go and partake of the bounty that is here now on the worldwide web.



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