dead beatles


After weeks of agonized waiting, we finally got to see the documentary, “Where Has Eternity Gone?” It features a couple who live in a trailer park in Fargo, North Dakota. Gerald Polley is a dishwasher in a restaurant. His wife, Linda, is a homemaker and also sings and plays a little Casio-type keyboard.

But this is no ordinary couple. Gerald is just about the most important person on the planet. To understand why, you have to get a grip on their spiritual beliefs, which are a conglomeration of new age, Christianity, and Saturday morning cartoon philosophy. It’s a bit confusing, but they say that Jesus walked out of the Kingdom of Heaven a few years ago in anger over the possible election of Al Gore in 2000. The spirit of John Lennon came to the rescue, composing inspirational songs, channeled through Linda Polley. Meanwhile Gerald is writing a multi-thousand word epic describing the history of the spirit world. By the way, the two of them are from another planet. So is their one and only follower, Jesse, who is somehow related to the gods of Norse mythology.

When it comes right down to it, Gerald and Linda aren’t so different from more established religious organizations, except that the other ones have the benefit and respectability granted by time, money, and lots of followers. Just wait a few hundred years and the Polleys could be big. Meanwhile, listen to songs that John Lennon has channeled to us from heaven! Keep your expectations low. Really low. I mean, way, way down there. Death has not been good for his song writing.


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