the “olde” ways


Bumper stickers are an easy target, but I can’t help myself. I saw one on the back of an Oldsmobile that said, “The old ways are alive.” Referring, I suppose, to ye olde internal combustion engine. It’s a good message to put a few inches above the hallowed tailpipe emissions, honoring the mystic craftsmen of Detroyte. Another one I see more often is a Tolkien quote, “Not all who wander are lost,” which adds an air of nobility to that drive to the pharmacy. But getting back to the first bumper sticker, what old ways do you want to stay alive, anyway? Dude, life was short and brutal in centuries past. There wasn’t any golden age of “magick” and harmony with nature. Wake up. Grow up. Get over it. Start some “new ways” before it’s too late. End of rant.


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