sandi ate two crickets


I visited a house yesterday that had lots of deformed animal taxidermy specimens. That’s where Sandi ate the crickets.

Thanks to notification from Kelly (see Kelly’s Spot link on left), I had an opportunity to attend an annual event I’d never heard about before, the Eccentric’s Party. It took place at a house that was pretty much an Adam’s Family-type museum. Most of the party was outside, under the huge statue of a goat, or ram, or whatever. The inside is crammed with so much stuff that it felt claustrophobic to walk around in it. I took a couple photos, but they don’t really do justice to the reality.

It was mighty eccentric. Every inch of the place is filled with odd items. Lots of two-headed creatures. It was as if someone had given a teenage boy a few million bucks and told him to buy every cool and freaky item he could find. There’s an overall emphasis on death, disfigurement, and weird. There were hundreds and hundreds of pictures on the walls–surrealistic, horror, or science fiction. Tables, shelves, and floor space were covered with more trinkets than Archie McPhee’s, with an emphasis on the macabre. I didn’t get to see the basement. That was by personal tour only, and was rumored to be gleaming and futuristic, as opposed to the upper floors’ dusty and gothic. Maybe next year.

Artists were invited to bring their wares for display or sale in the yard. There was a potluck meal (including some cooked bugs) and live entertainment. Did I mention that Sandi ate two crickets?


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