the joy of art cars


What a privilege it was to spend so much time with the art car maniacs this weekend (without incurring any physical or mental damage in the process). Greta let me tag along with her on some of the activities and it was fun, fun, fun. Actually, it was fun, fun, fun, fun (four funs on the fun scale). For just one example, on Friday we were with some art cars that went downtown, visited the Pike Place Market, and took a ride down Broadway on Capitol Hill. While crawling through the Battery Street tunnel in heavy traffic the car behind us played a loud tape of a Tarzan yell, which echoed magnificently. That car and a few others had superb sound effects and tape loops that were perfectly random and disorienting in traffic. All I could do to help was wear a propeller beanie hat and blow soap bubbles.

There was much more going on over the weekend. The Solstice Parade was on Saturday, and the grand art car parade was Sunday. There were parties, and a visit to see the amazing art, contraptions, and gizmos of Kim Hall, who personally guided us through his exhibition and workshop.

I took some art car photos, though not many. My favorite was Reverend Bill’s Vacation Bible Camp car, so there are several pictures of it.


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