Out of body experiences reproduced in the lab


Ever had an OOB? I haven’t. But the experience is common for some people, particularly epileptics and people in states of extreme distress and injury. Now the effect can be induced using virtual reality goggles. Can commercial applications be far behind? You could package the whole experience kit in a box and sell it at toy stores or have an OOB booth next to the laser tag area at the amusement park. No, this is even better: combine it with bumper cars. When somebody slams your bumper car really hard, you get onto the floor and have an OOB. You’ll see doctors working feverishly over your body. You’ll see and hear people standing nearby and weeping. When your five minutes are up, you get up and ride the Tilt-a-Whirl or the roller coaster.
Moral of the story: enjoy life now, don’t expect to drift around like a balloon once you’re dead. The OOB is in your head, just like the tunnel with the light at the end of it. You’re better off finding the Tunnel of Love. Not this one. I mean this one.