a new challenge for psychics and aliens


Come out all you psychics, channelers, and those who are supposedly in touch with superior alien intelligence! Come out of your holes. The Clay Mathematics Institute has selected seven unsolved mathematical problems and is offering a million dollars for each one that’s solved. They’re hoping that plain old mortal mathematicians will solve them, but what the heck, with your superior powers, you folks from the Pleiades already know the proofs. Hand ’em over, and give the money to your favorite charity, such as: 

  • The Superfund to Clean Up Wheat Field Saucer Burn.
  • Veterans of the Harmonic Convergence.
  • The Foundation for Homeless 35,000-year-old Entities. (Help them get their own bodies so they don’t have to speak through American housewives.)

In the spirit of all that oneness and harmony you are continually babbling about, step up to the plate and do a good deed for both math and your fellow undetectable-energy beings.


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