Burnt Out and moon-mined


Dang me. I forgot to put a link to Carol’s Burning Man comic. She and Becca also witnessed the first of the two man-burnings. I’m jealous that she saw a meteor streak across the lunar eclipse. Maybe not coincidentally, her next comic was moon-based also. Maybe we’re in for a moony series. That would be good, because the moon doesn’t get the attention it deserves.
Some believe that the moon will be extremely popular as a place to mine Helium-3, an environment-friendly nuclear reactor fuel. If you plan to live a long time, you may want to invest now in moon mining and helium-3 fusion reactors. It’s a bit of long shot, maybe, but moon enthusiasts practically have a business plan. All we need are about four zillion dollars for the moon infrastructure, the mining equipment, the fusion reactors, the lunar-Earth shuttles, and peanut butter sandwiches for everyone involved.