a bee bumbler and other mistakes: a rant


Despite his name, presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is a bee bozo. He recently said that it’s “scientifically impossible” for bumblebees to fly. Idiot! Look it up, Mike! Science has an explanation for bee flight. But this is nothing compared to his non-belief in evolution, the cornerstone of biology for the last century. Please, no more airheads in the White House. And while we’re ranting, what about the people who make the facile claim that science itself is a form of religion? They say science is faith-based because it requires faith in orderly, rational laws of nature.

Wrong. Science only assumes that the idea of cause and effect is true. And even that doesn’t qualify as faith. For the sake of experiment, science assumes cause and effect is true, then goes forth and makes predictions to see how far that assumption will take us. So far this assumption has taken us a very long way–we can predict a lunar eclipse, build a computer, cure diseases, and so on. So far, science supports the idea of orderly laws of nature. This is based on the results of many, many experiments, not on faith. (Thanks to the Skeptics Guide to the Universe podcast for explaining this so very clearly recently.)

Just as an aside, if you don’t make the assumption that A causes B, it’s hard to even have a conversation or walk down the street. As soon as you throw that out, there’s no way to judge the reality of anything, and you might as well crawl into a hole and give up. And let’s not forget the people who love to say that quantum physics proves that our minds can influence matter, or that quantum physics supports notions like ESP. When new agers say the word “quantum physics,” run the other way.

Interactions at a tiny, sub-atomic level of existence occur according the unusual laws of quantum physics, which I don’t pretend to understand. What I do know is that the strange interactions that occur in this sub-atomic realm do not occur at macroscopic sizes—the size of you and me and the objects we deal with every day. If you think it’s possible to “think” something into existence or “create your own reality” (whatever that means) by way of quantum physics, I would like to be shown that this is the consensus view of current physicists in the world today, or even a sizable minority view, or a view that’s at least given respect by most physicists. If you can’t show that, then why are you babbling about quantum physics in the first place?

End of rant. Please return to your previous level of vibrational energy consciousness existence-ness.


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