evidence in favor of a deity


It’s perfect weekend weather to put all my dusty camping gear in the backyard, hose it down, and leave it out to dry. This would point to a god that takes a very personal interest in my Saturday experience. On the other hand, I’m feeling kind of tired and sick today, so this god maybe balances out the good with the bad. On the third hand, other people in the world are in horribly worse shape today, which leans us toward a capricious, downright weird deity. That brings us to this list of the allegedly 20 best atheist t-shirts available on the Web. The only one I really like is “God works in mysterious, ineffective, and breathtakingly cruel ways.” They left off the serial comma after “mysterious” on the actual shirt, which is a sin against English, in my book. But I don’t want to get into the sin topic today.


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