on the endless beach


I have some Burning Man photos to share, with several caveats and notes of interest.

– For your benefit, I did not photograph the results of the rental car/deer collision we experienced on our drive between Alturas and BRC. I don’t know what happened to the deer, but the car didn’t look so good.

– My first two days of photographs were accidentally wiped from the camera, so several wonderful items, like video of Foxy dancing beneath the Man were obliterated.

– Speaking of video, I have a bunch of clips but have done nothing with them yet. Maybe later.

– There is no explanation to accompany the photos, such as who that guy in his underpants is. But  you can probably figure out which Foxy person is Scot’s mother. The one you would least expect to be Scot’s mother.

– There are a billion and one better photos on the Web, so why look at mine? This guy must be getting a million hits due to one particularly great shot.

– Please use the slideshow mode to view these. It’s the way to see the largest size of photos:



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