mytouch phone follow-up: the bad points


Now that I’ve had more time to play around with it, here are the least favorable aspects of the phone:

No headphone jack. You have to use an adapter, which is just another tiny item to carry around with you and possibly lose. It’s senseless. I like Pandora and there’s an Android application for it. Pandora drains the battery pretty quickly, however. Naturally, I’d like to plug in the charger while listening to Pandora, but I can’t. The charging port is the same port you put the earphone adapter in. I would never get another myTouch unless this is fixed.

Speaking of charging the phone, the charger has a bright blue light in it when plugged in. If you charge your phone next to your bed while sleeping, which I’m sure many people do, you have a night light you didn’t ask for. More importantly, you have a small, but ridiculous addition to your household power usage.

Documentation? Where is it? Seems like you have to search the forums on T-Mobile’s Web site to get a question answered.

I still like the phone. Particularly the ability to change the interface, add widgets, and make any mp3 sound file a ringtone. From an old science fiction movie, I’ve got an alien voice saying, “Attention! People of earth! Attention!” Okay, I don’t use that one all the time.

Next task–find out how easy it is to use the phone for geocaching. And how quickly the battery drains when you do.


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