the news is missing


I’ve been away from the blog so long I’ve practically forgotten how to saddle up the old WordPress. But that’s not news. Here’s news:

Item 1.

You may remember a Robyn Hitchcock song from a year or two back with these immortal words:

Viva viva viva viva viva Sea-Tac
They’ve got the best computers and coffee and smack

Now we can proudly add “prostitute baristas” to the list. Thanks to the “Grab ‘n Go Bikini Hut” up in Everett, we now know that serving espresso while wearing a bikini is legal, but exposing yourself for an extra tip goes over the line. Since I’ve been drawn into this non-news story, I’ll add my two cents: I say, ban the bean. Coffee is the devil’s own drink. In fact, if you stare at a coffee bean long enough you can see Lucifer’s face.

Item 2.

Speaking of news that isn’t news, I sadly pulled the plug on our remaining three-day per week  subscription to our weekly newspaper. Same old story. The paper is losing advertising while the expense of producing it goes up. To cut costs, the content and quality are decreased, and more people stop reading it, so the paper loses more money, and so on. I supported it as long as I could. Now it’s only NPR and various online sources for me. If not for these, TV reporting with naked barista stories would be all that is left.


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