Cannibal! The Musical


There is good silly fun to be had at Market Theater’s production of “Cannibal! The Musical.” Singin’, dancin’, and good eatin’. When I returned from the theater last night, Maggie read me the entire Wikipedia entry on the historical Alfred Packer, alleged cannibal upon whom the play is based. I learned that Phil Ochs wrote a song about Packer, and the chorus goes like this:

They called him a murderer, a cannibal, a thief;
It just doesn’t pay to eat anything but government-inspected beef.

Packer was tried for murder, and convicted of manslaughter, though recent evidence suggests that he was not guilty. He did admit to eating human flesh. The Wikipedia article also mentions the rumor that Packer became a vegetarian before he died. Whatever the real story is, get your tickets online and save $3. I suggest bringing a friend for dinner after the show.


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