Blue Cheer and The Pains of Being Pure of Heart


Lately I’ve been revisiting the band, Blue Cheer. Sounds like a laundry detergent, but the name actually came from a type of LSD going around San Francisco in days of yore. Oldsters and psychedelic music aficionados will remember their famous cover of Summertime Blues. I think I first heard it from my older brother or his friends. Don’t remember. Their first couple albums are a curiosity–sounds like a combo of MC5, Hendrix, and a blues band. It’s good when you take it a little bit at a time.


A current interesting band for me is The Pains of Being Pure of Heart. Don’t know where I ran across them. KEXP maybe. I immediately paid attention because I liked the atmospheric sound. They’re kind of like Jesus and Mary Chain. There are understated melancholy-innocent vocals drifting over a wall of loud guitars. Right now too many of the songs sound alike, but I think there might be big potential here.



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