the sources of nothing


1. This blog is a excellent source of nothing. Or at least has been for several weeks. My spare time has been close to zero.

2. Nothing is also produced by the vacant stares of the people at Jiffy Lube. I won’t go into detail here, but the workers decided to pretend I was invisible, which was only fun for a few seconds. I finally realized that although they usually ask what kind of service I want when I arrive, and direct me to the lane they want my car in, on this day I’m supposed to shut up and sit down and they will talk to me later.

3.  How could something come from nothing? It’s a frequent question from religious creationists. This is supposed to explain the existence of their god. “It didn’t come from nothing, god did it!” It’s true we don’t yet have scientific answers to the deep questions of existence. Was there “always” some form of energy and matter or the potential for it? Does the question even make sense? What does this have to do with an alleged all-powerful being from human mythology? If not mythological, then how did this god arise from nothing if everything has to have a cause? Physics and cosmology are at least gathering evidence. “God did it” is  just a period at the end of a sentence full of zeros.

4. You can create a bottle of nothing with an empty jar and a lid. Okay, the jar is mostly filled with nitrogen, but we can’t see it. Looks like nothing.

5. There’s a sign above an aisle at a local QFC grocery store that lists “Natural water” as one of the items you’ll find there.  “Damn,” I thought. “Where’s the manufactured water? Can I get a mix of half natural water and half manufactured water? Or, say, 30% natural water and 70% unnatural?” This sign has generated nothingness in my brain. Here comes some more: “If I drink natural water will my pee be more natural? Is it possible to suffer from manufactured-water-in-the-bladder disease?”


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