bad lieutenant: port of call new orleans


At the Uptown Theater yesterday, Goth-lite kids went to the Twilight movie. Popcorn enthusiasts went to 2012, and me and about three other people were at the matinee for the Herzog film. Bad Lieutenant is a funny movie in a Pulp Fiction/Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas kind of way. You’ve got a cop with just about zero morality, feverishly doing every drug he can get his hands or nose on while tracking down a murderer. His girlfriend is a prostitute. He digs himself deeper into trouble every ten minutes or so by stealing drugs, double-crossing or bribing someone, or simply messing with the wrong person. Throw in a few drug-induced hallucinations, like that of a break-dancing dead man, and you’ve got something Nicolas Cage can twitch his way through with aplomb. The story didn’t amount to much in the end, but it was fun along the way. Did I mention that there’s a nasty auto accident caused by an alligator in the road? That’s just a little aside, less than a plot point, but the sort of thing that happens in this film. Each event is not implausible in itself, but everything is piled up, incident upon incident, in a way that sweeps everything over the top, with Cage always on the edge of complete freak out.


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