it’s astrology question time!


I noticed that there were more than 398,000 fans of an astrology page on Facebook. And that was just the most popular one. I was wondering how many of the fans are serious believers and how many just see it as a game or social exercise. Then more questions came up…

If you gave someone an extensive personality test and let an astrologer read the results, would the astrologer be able to determine the person’s sign? If not, what if we let the astrologer create the personality test? Could he or she then predict the person’s sign from the test results? (No fair asking birth dates on the test.)

How exactly does astrology work, and who are the world’s greatest experts on the subject who can explain it? Would the experts give the same reading for everyone who was born on the same date and time of day? Would they all give the same reading for me?

Doesn’t the earth have a bigger affect on us than the moon or the stars? So why isn’t astrology concerned with the earth?

Just askin’.


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