peter gunn


Maggie has gotten me hooked on the Peter Gunn TV series (1958-1961). There’s something entertaining in every 30-minute episode, and a few are downright great. Peter Gunn is a private eye who always wears a suit and dates a nightclub singer. Cool film noir black and white TV. Like most TV dramas these days, there’s a little bit a drama to start the story and then the theme music. In this show, the sudden blackout/cut to the music is sometimes awesome–like a quick slap in the face. Great editing, some nice camera work. Peter, of course, talks in a monotone. He gets beat up a lot but it doesn’t seem to cause any long term damage or even bruises. The best thing about the show is the great theme music by Henry Mancini. The music is an episode in itself–it tells a story. You can hear the beginnings of all the secret agent theme music that would come later in the 60s.


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