kick 2009 in the buttocks


2010–you’ll get the same treatment in a year. Meanwhile…

Turn our back yard into a sanctuary for wayward opossums.
Get Maggie to replace her Dell netbook with the upcoming Apple iTablet or iPad or iSplog or whatever it will be called.
Scream aloud rather than internally.
Start misspelling words more often so it will look normal and it won’t be apparent that my mental faculties are actually slipping away.
Start calling the last decade “the zips” or “the zeroids.” Another good idea that I read somewhere was the “oh noes.” The “noughties” makes me gag but seems to be gaining ground.

Face it
Anthropogenic global warming is real and the U.S. really ought to face up to it and immediately make some hard decisions and turnarounds regarding the use of coal and oil.

The next decade
NASA’s New Horizon’s mission will reach the second largest known dwarf planet in the solar system (Pluto) in 2015.
If astronomer Seth Shostak is correct, we will find evidence of extraterrestrial life within the next 20 years, so maybe it will be this decade. New friends! Even if microbial, welcome, neighbors!

Dark matter will be found in our basement.
The Higgs-boson will receive a more dignified name.
My blog readership will increase to four.


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