art clokey


My younger brother and I would put our Gumby inside another toy and toss him up toward the ceiling, spinning around. We bent him back and forth until the metal wires inside poked through Gumby’s green flesh and stuck out like a compound fracture. We probably went through several Gumbys. We never gave any thought to who might have created the most flexible of all toys and his terrific stop-motion animated cartoons. Art Clokey. I didn’t know until today that Art was also responsible for Davey and Goliath, the Christian animated series. I loved the dog’s voice on that one.

Yo, Gumby. You are still my friend.


2 thoughts on “art clokey

    • dangblog

      Don’t know. I googled on “Gumby’s favorite songs” but didn’t come up with much except the TV show theme song and a rock band called Gumby.

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