useless and insane


Category: Emergency aid sent to Haiti

1. Scientologists sent (along with some actual aid) ministers who would perform “assists” for stricken Haitians. An “assist” seems to consist of touching the person being treated, as which point vaguely defined magical healing is supposed to occur. I will gladly retract this condemnation if and when major medical journals publish peer-reviewed, double-blinded research showing definitive healing benefits from this technique. My current belief is that treating someone who has shattered bones and/or missing family members with an “assist” is obscenely cruel and nonsensical.

2. A religious organization in New Mexico sent 600 solar-powered “talking Bibles.” The machines emit audio Bible verses spoken in Haitian Creole. Imagine if they had used an equivalent amount of money, time, and effort to send food, or to give money to Doctors Without Borders. Imagine, in other words, that they had even one functioning brain cell among them.


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