here goes nothing: the 10:23 campaign


About seven hours from now a bunch of folks in England, and more in Australia and other parts of the world are going to overdose. Each one is going to swallow an entire bottle of homeopathic medicine to demonstrate that there is literally nothing in homeopathic remedies. That’s something James “The Amazing” Randi has done in the past to great effect. He consumes a bottle of homeopathic sleeping pills on stage, but…surprise…an hour later he’s still standing. Not even drowsy.

What’s the point? In particular, these activists want to call attention to the Boots pharmacy chain in England. It sells homeopathic meds right along with actual medications. Boots has a strong presence and good reputation in the UK. The group of skeptics hope to shame them into stop profiting by selling nothing-pills and nothing-liquids to a gullible public. They also want to help raise awareness that spending money on this stuff is a complete waste.

In case anyone reading this isn’t aware–homeopathic remedies take a small amount of material and dilute it in water until there are no molecules of the original substance left. Oh yeah, and they vigorously shake the container of water, which causes the water to magically “remember” what was in there. Then they put a drop of the plain water on a sugar pill and sell it as if it were medicine.

It’s magic! And every decent study that’s ever been done shows no effect beyond placebo. I suggest either joining this skeptics campaign or go into the homeopathic medicine business, because the profit margin for selling nothing has got to be huge!


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