i can read, can’t i?


Actually, I don’t have time for much reading. I bought a few books anyway and hope to squeeze them in. Yeah, I buy books instead of going to the library. That’s especially important when it might take me months to read one. It’s good for the book industry, bad for the trees. Someday I’ll get an e-reader. Right now the Kindle seems kind of pricey. I’m waiting for a cheap, high-quality e-book reader. A $100 Kindle. I think prices will come down in a few years. Then I won’t look back. For now, in paper:

59 Seconds, by Richard Wiseman. I already wrote about this one.
Infidel, by Ayaan Hirsi Ali. The memoir of a fearless woman who grew up in strict Muslim family in Somalia. She came to Europe to escape an arranged marriage, earned a college degree, and became a member of the Dutch parliament. Incredibly, she openly denounces Islam and its treatment of women, ignoring the danger of doing so for the sake of speaking out and hopefully alleviating some of the horror perpetrated on women in the name of god.
Into the Cool, by Eric Schneider and Dorian Sagan. It’s about the second law of thermodynamics. How does the flow of energy from a concentrated state to an equilibrium underlie evolution, ecology, economics, and just about everything else? If I can understand this book, I’ll get their hypothesis on this subject. I’m dubious about theories that try to explain everything, but I think if nothing else, I’ll see the world from a different perspective after reading this.
House of Suns, by Alastair Reynolds. A science fiction book that attempts to take the reader 6 1/2 million years into the future. It’s a world in which humans and post-humans have slowly spread throughout the galaxy (at sub-light speeds–I like an SF novel with no warp drives and wormholes). It’s a strange time in which, among other things, the Andromeda galaxy seems to have “disappeared” and no one knows why.

It may be 6 1/2 million years before I get all these read, at my 20 minutes per day allotment.


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