on the attack


Once or twice I spent too much time reading the debates in the JREF forums. I got started and it sucked me in like a wordy whirlpool. I pulled myself out to share what I’ve learned about online debate. If you eschew fisking and insist on engaging in a flame war, here are your worst possible tactics:

Bad tactic #1. Use the word “hilarious” when describing your opponent’s argument. This is used so dang often, it’s sounding like desperation.

Bad tactic #2. Accuse your opponent of being a troll when it’s obviously not true.

Bad tactic #3. Write a one-word response: “Yawn.”

Bad tactic #4. Use the interjection, “ah,” and the word, “amused” to show your high level of sophistication.

Bad tactic #5. Make fun of someone’s bad grammar while making a big grammar mistake of your own.

In my book, by doing any of the above, you automatically lose and must go outside and experience real sunshine on your face instead of monitor glow. What is my book, by the way? The Tired, Pale-Faced Lurker.


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