bicycle into space


I rode my awesome old Bridgestone up the awesome Terminal 91 bike trail to the awesome Pacific Science Center IMAX theater to see the supremely awesome movie “Hubble 3D.” To me the Hubble repair missions were the most useful missions the shuttle ever flew, and STS-125, the one documented in this film was one of the most difficult and ultimately satisfying shuttle accomplishments. The film reminds you how utterly amazing, complicated, and dangerous these missions are. Never take them for granted. This one occurred just last year in May 2009.

Hubble 3D also takes you on a ride through the cosmos using some creative 3D effects combined with images taken by the telescope. I would have enjoyed a couple hours with more detailed information on both the mission and the Hubble, but these 45-minute films are made to please kids and adults of all interests. I still give a double-mutant-thumbs up.

Hubble was launched 20 years ago. April 24, 1990. Due to this last repair mission, it should last until at least 2014.

Let Hubble take you to the Carina Nebula.


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