natural water for sale


I mentioned this back in November, but you probably didn’t believe me. Here’s proof. A local QFC grocery store gives you choices. Get natural water and soup or the other kind:

  • Water extracted from the liquid waste outlet at a pork rendering facility.
  • Soup made from 100% petroleum products, artificial flavors, and vitamin supplements.

Let the consumer decide if natural water is superior. Personally, I use dehydrated water packets (powdered water) and add liquid to make water just the way I like it. It’s more time-consuming, but worth the extra effort.


2 thoughts on “natural water for sale

  1. Yacman

    Dehydrated water could be quite handy at Burning Man. Perhaps one could include an extra packet containing the spiritual essence of Master Nashwan, thus making MN’s used bathwater.

    So, can you get a low calorie version of natural water, i.e. Natural Water Lite?

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