monorail to nowhere


I warned readers that there would be endless posts about Burning Man. I met some people today who hope to build a 500-foot monorail between the Temple and the Man. I don’t know what percentage of planned projects actually get through the four hurdles necessary for success, but I hope this one makes it.

1: Build an actual working prototype and finish it before it’s time to go.
2: Transport all the pieces down to Nevada and out to the site.
3: Build it at Black Rock City (must finish building it before the event is over)
4: Keep it functioning in the dust and heat for several days without killing or maiming anyone.

I’ve been astonished in the past as to what people are able to create and maintain in the harsh environment. The Flaming Lotus Girls have managed incredible flaming dragons and such. Then there was the astounding monkey zoetrope. The Fallen Chandelier. Who knows what this year will bring? Maybe a monorail to nowhere.


2 thoughts on “monorail to nowhere

  1. The Nowhere2Nowhere Monorail was built, which was awesome! We had so many people who made this project a reality:

    Brian Aker: Co-lead
    Helen Cook: Co-lead
    Erik Earle: Car Design
    Kevin Schmit: Track Construction Lead
    Mellington Cartwright: Lead Artist
    Corprew Reed: Burn Lead

    We had so many volunteers who poured their heart, soul, muscles, and sweat into this project. If it weren’t for them, we would never have been able to achieve what we did. A special thanks to the following who stuck with us throughout the project, making this dream possible:

    Adam Hendsch
    Becky Anderson
    David Axmark
    Ellery Baines
    Heather Ralph
    Henry Antupit
    Julia Trimarco
    Kent Bozlinski
    Mark Atwood
    Robbie Eickman
    Sean Swidler
    Stephen Antupit
    Stephanie Shenk
    Stewart Smith
    Susan Courney
    Suzanne Picard
    Teresa Velasquez
    Yazz Atlas

  2. dangblog

    Good work! I rode by the monorail several times. It wasn’t moving at those times, but if it was I would definitely have stopped and taken a ride.

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