I’ve been trying get back into regular spin class sessions at the gym. Because the crazy man instructor is gone. “Take one foot out of the pedal and pedal only with the other foot! This is spinning! Yow-woooo! That’s how we do it in Denver! Now grab a mat ’cause we’re going to do calisthenics!” It was that last item that really drove me out. Ever since 9th grade gym class, I’ve been loathe to do calisthenics in a group setting.

Anyway, today’s instructor was fine. She worked us very hard–one of my hardest workouts ever, in fact. But she was not a raving loony. At the beginning of the class she reminded everyone that this was Lady GaGa day…we got loud Lady GaGa for the entire hour. I think it was supposed to be a treat. She saved the Lady’s latest big hit for the end of class and said, “Feel free to join in! You know you want to sing along.”  I don’t think it was a joke.

It gave me an opportunity to actually listen to more Lady GaGa than the one song I’d heard. And on first listen, GaGa was kind of limp and soggy. Maybe it was just that I was hearing it through my panting and exhaustion. I know she’s supposed to be all “meta” and a parody of a parody or whatever, but the music didn’t grab me. Seemed pretty much like standard pop radio stuff. As I write this I’m listening to Apples in Stereo’s New Magnetic Wonder, so I’m writing from a kind of loud rock 2009 hippie perspective–love and energy and electricity to all! That’s what I need for my next spin class.


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