what they want you to believe


Saw the play, Yankee Tavern at ACT the other day. In this show the “9/11 truther” conspiracy ideas get a good workout. The play doesn’t have an axe to grind on the issue as far as I could tell. I think it mostly wanted to tell a story with intrigue and danger, with maybe some underlying themes surrounding how we know what’s true.

Unfortunately, not much excitement or deep thought was generated. Good cast, nice presentation, poor character development, and the story didn’t really work for me. Let me hastily add “hurrah,” thank heavens we’ve got theater in this town to talk about. And this was a cheap matinee. Go Seattle theater companies!

But on to conspiracy theories. I kind of enjoy the classic conspiracies: the secret New World Order, the FEMA concentration camps, the 9/11-was-an-inside-job conspiracy; the aliens in league with our governments story; chemtrails, and the moon-landing hoax. Conspiracy advocates tend to choose their conclusion first and then go hunting for unanswered questions or anomalies to build their preconceived story. You gotta love ’em because there is no escape from the conspiracy theory jungle.

  • If you don’t believe in a conspiracy then “they” have successfully conned you or you are a conspirator.
  • If you point to evidence contrary to the conspiracy, this is actually proof of a cover-up.
  • Evidence in favor of the conspiracy is often unprovable and unfalsifiable, so you can’t fight it.
  • If you do manage to expose one shoddy piece of evidence, two more equally shoddy pieces will appear to take its place.

It’s safest to just give up and accept all conspiracies as true. The best ways to agree with the conspiracy believers is to totally accept everything said and gradually add your own creativity to the narrative:

“You’re right. It was a missile that hit the Pentagon, not an airliner. You know what happened to the passengers on the airliner that they said hit the Pentagon? They took ’em north. Way north, and then down into the entrance to the land inside our hollow earth. They are part of the breeding experiment now. My cousin’s new baby is one of them. Replaced at the hospital. Half human, half snake-person. The baby has the ID mark on the forehead when you look at it under ultraviolet light.”

Lyrics to the “Holes in the Poles” song.


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