greenstage as you like it


Fun production of As You Like It at Volunteer Park. Photos are a little washed out, taken looking towards the sun with my phone camera. (Click either photo to enlarge.) GreenStage is a wonderful organization, bringing Shakespeare into the parks every summer. This was an excellent production.

One of the lead actors pictured here, Kate Kraay, once played a small role in a ridiculous short play I wrote, called “Date Me.” That was a science fiction love story that was mostly about having love affairs with copies of yourself from parallel universes, but also involved a woman who was dating an intelligent monkey, and a guy with an aquarium implanted in his buttocks. Hopefully Kate has banished these embarrassing details from her memory. She was a commanding Rosalind in As You Like It; a very fine actor.

Our friend Mok Moser (on the right in first photo) has to be revived after a hilarious fight.

I took some short videos that you should be able to view with QuickTime:
Before the nuptials.
Mok and the minstrels sing


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