iron monkeys


After attending the play in the park, Scot and I went south to Georgetown. A metalworking collective was having a fundraiser for its “Crossroads” project at this year’s Burning Man. As you can see, part of the piece is a fiery fountain, though there are also decorative ironwork towers involved. You can see one in the background.

There is more to the fountain than just propane jets above the water. There is also propane bubbling up from the bottom of the water, which then (usually) catches fire when it surfaces. It was fun for everyone until the fire department arrived and asked them to shut off the flame. I have a photo of the fountain with the firetruck in the background, but didn’t include that one here. The Iron Monkeys also make industrial-strength stakes for securing large tents and canopies at Black Rock City (or anywhere else.)

The forge:


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