bad astronomer not so bad


Phil Plait, you’re a good guy.

Recently he blogged about the reaction to his “don’t be a dick” talk at TAM. (“You rarely change people’s minds by calling them morons.”) In one post he listed a bunch of blogs that commented on his talk, including mine. He originally put mine under the heading of blogs that disagree with his anti-verbal-abuse sentiment. But heck, I was mostly on his side. I brought this fact to his attention and he kindly took the time to reevaluate and put me in the “agree” column.

We like that kind of attention to detail here at dangblog. If fact, we like Phil a whole lot here, and would propose marriage here and now if we weren’t both heterosexual and pre-married. And I’d be standing by to see the premiere of his TV show, “Bad Universe” on the Discovery channel, except that I’ll be my way to Burning Man and I don’t have cable anyway.


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