we’ll work with it


Here we are piling up the bewildering variety of items needed to survive a week at Burning Man. Here we are wondering how we’re going to cram it all plus three bicycles into and onto our rented vehicle.  And Scot’s mother (code-named “Foxy”) announces that she wants to bring three watermelons so she can give away ice-cold watermelon slices during the week. Sure, Foxy, we’ll add another cooler and three big watermelons into the mix. And most likely we’ll actually achieve this, and a lot of people will be utterly delighted by the surprise treat after a few days in the moisture-sucking high desert and that’s why we love Foxy. She gives in a big way.

She also comes in a relatively small package that can easily be stowed in a car seat, or even half a car seat.


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