thoughts of getting mucky


Nice picture, eh? Found it at random on the Web but it’s evocative of Burning Man. I’ll apologize again about the endless posts on this subject. My eighth trip. I’m packin’ the same old stuff.

– big honkin’ mega-hammer

– baby wet-wipes, non-scented, aloe (giant-size box)

– 12″ rebar stakes and caps

– lip balm

– a few dozen Quaker Oats chocolate chip granola bars -“25% LESS SUGAR” (than a box of glazed doughnuts)

– dust masks and goggles

– white and blue choir robe with the word, “Sloth” embroidered in gold on the front (thank you Louise and Phil!)

That’s all I need I guess, right? Tent and aluminet, sure. Maybe some water. The long-range weather forecast for Gerlach on Monday is cloudy with a small chance of precipitation. Cloudy is fine. A smattering of rain is fine. A really, really quick shower would be okay. A whole lot of rain would be unfortunate. Bike tires coated with ten pounds of dust-water cement. Instant platform heels if you try to walk.  And that’s assuming that traffic could move into the city to begin with. On the plus side, a lot of rain would take care of the white-out problem. Visibility would be excellent. If our cars were stuck at the entrance, we could all gather at the greeters station and get mucky.

Another PWWTT. Post Written While Too Tired.


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