crazy little burn


A few scenes from this year’s Burning Man:

  • My “spirit animal divining card” shtick was very popular (though no one went for the “ass-trology” reading). One bejeweled woman prepared to choose her card by closing her eyes and waving and twisting her arms in the air in some sort of new age ritual. She was serious. I think she chose the Naked Mole Rat card. Then she tried to perform some sort of voodoo on me, cleansing my chakras or whatever, but unsurprisingly, nothing worked.
  • One night at the Lost Penguin Cafe, Foxy (Scot’s mom) and I spontaneously jumped up and started dancing to someone’s cover of “A Crazy Little Thing Called Love.” You had to be there, in the crazy glowing city in the dusty, crazy, middle of nowhere, to appreciate this moment, I guess. It’s all so improbable to be in middle of a dry lake bed miles from anywhere where a temporary city has sprung up with dozens of glittering, tent-covered nightclubs. Fire-spouting dragons are driving by. Huge laser-lit sculptures glow in the distance. I’d do a similar dance if Foxy and I improbably found ourselves at a party on Mars.
  • Just before I got in the car to leave the playa, a couple I had never met were walking by and stopped to say goodbye and hug me. Sounds corny, but it was totally sincere and heartfelt and it seemed in those few seconds that we could have been best friends. It’s the camaraderie of an unspoken, but shared experience. Just me and my 45,000 buddies.

More than once I’ve come back from this festival feeling all “peace and love, dude!” So for the next…oh, ten minutes or so, feel the love vibes. Then it’s back to the snark.


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