tales from the playa


Jon and I were sitting in the shade structure at Skeptical Bastards, talking to a couple visitors. A grungy car with a DPW decal drove by, came to a sudden halt, and backed up till it was in front of our camp. No doors on the car–rather Mad Max looking. Five people got out and swaggered into our camp, carrying radios to communicate with HQ, and looking a bit fierce and rabid. The two people we were visiting with quickly took off. Jon and I were wondering if we were going to be sold into slavery or forced to fight in the Thunder Dome that night. Instead, one of them asked if we were going to be playing the most recent episode of Skeptics Guide to the Universe at our event that afternoon. We were. SGU fans are everywhere and come in all shapes and sizes.

It turned out that Geo, one of the shift leads at Playa Info (that’s where I volunteer as an Oracle). was camped just down the street from us. One day Geo drove a cupcake past our camp. After a while you don’t even blink when this sort of thing happens.

Who would have guessed that Jon would look so fetching in a German bar maid’s outfit?

The meeting of the Bastards was quite successful. I expect next year that the Bastards camp will be bigger and meaner than ever.


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