climbing the bike tree


I wouldn’t have predicted it, but I’ve noticed over the past couple years that (according to my WordPress statistics) the all-time favorite #1 post of all posts on Dangblog is the one featuring a bicycle in a tree. It’s always annoyed me a little. All my witty words run over by a danged tree photograph. My three regular readers will sympathize.

Then on September 7 of this year all heck broke loose. I got well over a thousand hits in one day and for what? You guessed it–the bike tree photo. As of today, there have been more than 1,600 hits and climbing for that dang page in the past week. What happened? On that day, published a photo of the tree and linked to a couple places on the Web where it was discussed, including here.

Let that be a lesson to bloggers everywhere. Trees that swallow bikes are solid gold. Vegetables that eat rabbits would be excellent as well. That’s just a hint for you.


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