i’m on a planet, i’m under observation


I can find the Skeptical Bastards campsite in this photo take from orbit. Quite amazing. For your viewing pleasure, I’ve taken photos from the image that gradually zoom down onto the SB camp as it was on Thursday at 11:40 a.m. I’ve circled us in red. Yes, we look tiny even with the closest magnification, but the camera was above the atmosphere, so this is pretty dang good.

The Skeptical Bastards are on Istanbul Street, five blocks out from the Esplanade.

They are between 4:00 and 4:30 on Istanbul, closer to the 4:00 corner.

I can almost see the glint in their skeptical eyes now.

Do you doubt it? My red circle is covering part of the white shade structure of the Anti Social campers. Bulls-eye is Jon’s pyramidal tent, with his shade structure behind it. My own tent is on the left inside circle, maybe partially covered by the red circle. Don’t be so skeptical. I’ve pinpointed us.

Other satellites were beaming mind-control rays onto the playa. In Hushville, Otis was spared the brain-ray effect due to his tinfoil hat. He knew. Somehow he knew.


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