my date last night


I had a surprise visitor from out of town last night. Due to an airline mix-up, Jon “Fraulein Bastard” Garvin made a brief appearance in the Seattle area. I didn’t get a photo last night, but feast your eyes on my good fortune by examining the picture below. Yes, I had this enchanting creature in my company on a Saturday night.

For a good time, I drove Jon through the pouring rain straight to grungy, industrial Georgetown. We started at the Georgetown Liquor Company, where the food is vegan, Crater Lake Root Beer is available for non-drinkers, and there are hearty ales for my German barmaid companion. Along with an Elvira pinball machine, the place has an original, functioning Atari game, complete with a blurry, grainy screen. Then we wandered down to 9 lb. Hammer where there was live music by The Moonspinners. The place looked like a saloon inside a long-abandoned steel foundry. It features a big old shuffleboard, pinball, and offers both drinks and tamales.

He’s back in Montana now. All I have are the memories.


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