welcome back, mr. twain


Are we excited that Mark Twain’s autobiography is finally going to be published in it’s entirety, and in the way he wanted it published? Absolutely. He said that all “sound and sane expressions of opinion must be left out” of the first several printings of his autobiography. Too controversial. He also said that this more sensitive material might be publishable in a century. It’s time! On November 10, 2010 we start getting the full treatment. He died in April of 1910, so here we are a century hence. Grouchy old guy, but brilliant. He dictated rather than wrote down most of his autobiography in order to get a homey feel, and to be able to verbally wander off in unexpected directions according to whim as he spoke. He did not want his ruminations collected in chronological order. According to an article published earlier this year in The New York Times there will be three volumes, about 600 pages each. Approximately 50% of the material, mostly in the second two volumes, has never been published before. It’s bound to be entertaining and enlightening.

What a great time to be alive, eh? New Mark Twain, Snuggies®, global warming, and 3D movies. The future is here and it’s weird.


2 thoughts on “welcome back, mr. twain

  1. Howie

    actually, *we* are very excited that Uncle Mark’s* auto-biography is coming out. I have volume 1 on order (in fact, B&N says it shipped).

    Ever read “Letters from the Earth”?

    (* yes .. great-great-great-great-great-uncle on my mother’s side)

  2. dangblog

    I remember you telling me about your Twain connection. You must be danged excited. I’ve never read “Letters from Earth” and there’s lots more I need to read.

    So can I borrow your copy of the new book? (Just kidding, Howie!)

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