good excuse to visit vancouver


Everyone’s favorite podcasters, the rogues from Skeptics Guide to the Universe, are coming to Vancouver B.C. next month. They’ll be on their way to TAM Australia, the lucky bastards. But they’re going to throw us a bone by stopping in Vancouver and doing a live recording of the podcast. Rebecca will not be there because its inconvenient for her. She lives England for some reason, so Vancouver is just a little bit out of her way. What? Her husband lives in England? Whatever. A lousy excuse. It’s rude and unforgivable, really.

George Hrab is showing much better manners, and will be in Vancouver as a guest rogue. He’ll also be playing music because he seems to enjoy that. Then there’s a reception afterwards. It ought to be fun. I like Vancouver and would appreciate any suggestions of things that must be done or seen there. I don’t mean Stanley Park, I mean something so weird or cool that I can blog about it for months.


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