what is disgusting?


Disgusting item #1 is from a Facebook invitation I received to a Halloween party. The menu for the party:

For your gustatory pleasure: Sundry severed body parts served in hooey-gooey bloody sauce; curdled horse urine; fetid entrails; day-old dog poop; and much much more.

Okay, the dog poop part is a little juvenile, maybe, but sometimes you have to go there. One of the invitees responded with this:

Dammit, I was planning on bringing my Aunt Jojo’s fetid entrails and green bean casserole and now you’ve beaten me to it! (Her secret? Marshmallow fluff!) Guess I will bring the usual Aunt MaryJo’s “toad surprise” instead…

One of the party planners added:

(I’m) Smoking a zombie for the special night, served with Jardine’s bbq sauce of course!

I said I’d bring a frog in a blender.

What else is disgusting? Disgusting #2 is the Bible, in certain places, like II Chronicles 21:

21:14 Behold, with a great plague will the LORD smite thy people, and thy children, and thy wives, and all thy goods:
21:15 And thou shalt have great sickness by disease of thy bowels, until thy bowels fall out by reason of the sickness day by day.

All right, God, enough with the bowel disease. A few lines later describes how all of this came true just as God promised. Thanks a lot, God. You have a nice day, too.

I’m done with disgusting for now. October seems like a good month to get the revolting out and shake it around a little. Sorry.


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