little movies in wide open spaces


(Above: Halloweeny image from Burning Man 2003. Demons haunted the post-burn chaos.)

In honor of tonight’s Seacompression party, which I did not attend, I’m posting links to little movies from Burning Man 2010 that are hopefully squished enough for quick playing but still have a bit of resolution. For me, they all started playing within 30 seconds of clicking the link; the first one taking the longest, I think.

The Big Walking Machine.  There are two reactions when you see and hear this coming. “Oh my God,” and “Get out of the way.”

The Grand Piano. It would take at least two well-coordinated people to play a tune.

Thunder Dome. Due to my camera limitations this is pretty dark. Maybe shouldn’t have bothered to post it. Quite loud, though. This battle was pretty tame, despite one combatant’s spiffy silver outfit.

Sensory Overload. This is my favorite. By the end of the video (40 seconds) you can tell that I’m looking into a huge wall that provides multiple levels of visual stimulation while amps and speakers whack your ears into submission.


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