shoes for medicinal purposes


I’ve started a new tradition. Just before your sick spouse-a-riffic goes to the hospital, you take a photo of her feet, then apply the “dry brush” Photoshop feature to the image. That makes it kind of arty. Then you post the image on the World Wide Web. I hope this is a one-time-only tradition. Next time there ought be a happier occasion to bring out the Dr. Seussian socks and the classic old Converse tennies. Still, it points to an insistence on a jaunty eclectic style even in most difficult circumstances.


2 thoughts on “shoes for medicinal purposes

  1. Howie Modell

    Dango, I have to confess to being one of those dang “Sandals and Socks Guys”, and it *is* for medicinal reasons.

    Lucky me, my type II diabetes seems to have inspired a “diabetic neuropathy” in my feet. My toes almost constantly feel like they’re “on fire”, and sometimes it spreads into the rest of a foot.

    I almost *have* to wear sandals, particularly ones that leave my toes free — with nothing touching them.

    Lately I’ve been able to experiment with sneakers that have a cloth toe with a truly large volume area.

  2. dangblog

    That sounds awful, Howie. I hope medical science makes some advances in treatment really soon. It must be miserable to do much walking. The only cheery thing I can say is that “cloth clown shoes, toes on fire” would make great song lyrics.

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