turkey with a tutu


My patent-pending 12-minute prep time Thanksgiving dinner:

1. Purchase shrink-wrapped fully-cooked turkey breast, pre-made gravy, and yams.
2. Yam – 8 minutes in microwave.
3. Slice some chunks of turkey, toss in bowl with yam, pour gravy on everything. 2 more minutes in microwave.
4. Done. Eat while reading latest issue of Wired.

One bowl to wash. Another T-day efficiently dispensed with without the bothersome conviviality, fellowship, and cheery conversation that hampers some holidays.

And the tutu isn’t here yet, but a friend’s mother is making one for me for Burning Man 2011. A purple tutu for Tutu Tuesday. No relation to the turkey; it just made a good post title. Anything for a few absolutely awesome attempts at artful alliteration among acquaintances. Agreed?


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