sounds i can live without


Creepy music.

An email list I belong to is beginning its annual LDB game. It’s kind of like “Survivor.” Can you go from Thanksgiving to December 25 without hearing the song, “The Little Drummer Boy”? Once you hear it, whether on the radio, via a co-worker singing it, or on TV, you’re out of the running. You then must post the time and place and circumstances of your downfall. I don’t think I’ll get very far because so many retailers have it on rotation in their stores. How could I even buy groceries without hearing it?

I’ve posted before about how I feel about this song.

Ring tone that’s too good.

Since getting my first “smart” phone, I’ve had what I feel is the ultimate ring tone, which is an announcement made in a cheap, old, bad science fiction film: “Attention! People of Earth! Attention!” The voice is kind of echoing, but loud and demanding, just as you would expect from a planet-conquering overlord. But it’s just too abrupt. It startles me. I jump out of my skin and pick up the phone feeling frazzled and caught off guard. The humor used to overcome the irritation, but after the better part of a year, I’ve had to retire it for a while.

Hey! Here it is. The movie is “Earth vs. The Flying Saucers.” Someone made a nifty, weird video based on the phrase.


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