nasa announcement – unexpected life


As most people have heard by now, tomorrow NASA is planning an announcement to “discuss an astrobiology finding that will impact the search for evidence of extraterrestrial life.” The possibilities are endless. For example, the Cassini probe may have found a restaurant on Saturn’s moon, Albiorix. That’s my favorite Saturnian moon name. Discovered in 2000, the little moon is 32 kilometers in diameter. The perfect spot for a space diner. It’s got a view and very little gravity.

Speaking of space diners, I can’t help but think of my favorite scene from “The American Astronaut.” A hardy space traveler lands on an asteroid, enters a saloon, and goes to the restroom. Who could have guessed what happened next?

I dare you to read the plot summary for this film on Wikipedia. But anyway, getting back to NASA, maybe they’ll announce the discovery of space cats. Space cats with opposable thumbs and therefore able to open refrigerators. We’d have to change our way of life completely if they came to earth and became our companions.

A little more seriously, the best speculation I read about the announcement tomorrow is that it will concern a discovery here on earth regarding organisms that can live in environments where we never thought life was possible. Maybe organisms that feed and grow in an entirely novel way that could exist on a place like Titan or in a comet. We should look for life in more places than we are currently looking; that will the be the conclusion.



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