tiny rural outpost


Thanks to a tragedy in my hometown of 2,000 people, the place has made the news all over the country. One newspaper referred to my hometown as a “tiny rural outpost.” To Maggie, that suggested tiny little people in a tiny toy town. I think there would be tiny horses for the rural folks to get to their tiny jobs. Maybe it has a little plastic outpost building the size of a sugar cube with a plastic tree next to it.

My brother, who lives in the tiny town, said the description made it sound like the wild west; a little outpost on the edge of the unknown. I guess it is, sort of. It’s right on the edge of Ohio. If you aren’t careful, you could wander right over the state line into Ohio. The dictionary defines outpost as either a military camp positioned away from the main army or a settlement on a frontier or remote place. That’s a bit of a stretch even for my hometown. Michigan was explored and settled way back before Y2K.

As for the big city newspaper that used this description, its home is a crime-ridden city with an $85 million dollar budget deficit. It’s the place where the auto industry died and had to be resuscitated with a government cash defibrillator. It’s just a big urban outpost.


One thought on “tiny rural outpost

  1. Alan Goldsmith

    As a major expert on this topic , I would suggest your readers check out the book Methland as valuable background information. And any book dealing the America’s industrial heartland falling apart. In addition, as you suggested, be sure to read the freep.com coverage–the Motor City newspaper and their view of tiny town Michigan. I tell ya Danny, I thought I knew what surreal was, but I had no idea. Not a clue. If only Hunter Thompson was still alive.

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