tams and tims


Being a skepto-nerd, I’ve been reading or listening to reports about the recent TAM (The Amazing Meeting) in Australia. It makes me recall this year’s Las Vegas TAM, where I spoke with Australians Dr. Rachie and Richard Saunders of the Skeptic Zone podcast. But let’s get straight the heart of this post–Tim Tams! The Ozzies had brought some packages of Tim Tams with them, and I sampled them at the Skeptic Zone table. (I didn’t even touch the tubes of vegemite.)

The Tim Tams are delicious cookies, although the Australians would probably call them biscuits; chocolate frosting on the outside, and chocolate crunchy and more chocolate frosting on the inside. You can’t lose. A day ago I saw that my local grocery now carries Tim Tams, by Pepperidge Farms. I grabbed a package, and yes, they seemed like the real thing. And let me tell you, the specialness of these cookies is pure placebo. They aren’t all that different from other packaged cookies — just a slightly different mix of the same old ingredients: sugar, chocolate, sugar, chocolate, repeat, repeat, and add chemicals.

But any excuse for a party, eh? I feel a warm tim-tammy brother and sisterhood with our southern hemisphere skeptnoids.


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